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Fort Valley Book Available To Order

Welcome To Fort Valley is available, and can be shipped.  

The book cost is $75.00. If you prefer to have it shipped, the shipping cost by USPS costs an additional $6.00 ($81.00 total for book, plus shipping). Cash or check only; credit card payments are not available. Checks should be made out to"Fort Valley Museum."  Checks should be mailed to: Fort Valley Museum, PO Box 32, Fort Valley, VA  22652.

Christmas Ornaments, limited number of Melton books available  

2020-2021 Christmas ornaments, with the latest ornament featuring the Fort Valley Elementary School are available for sale.

William G. Melson’s book, Geology Explained: Virginia’s Fort Valley and Massanutten Mountains (2004) is available. Bill’s widow has recently donated the last ten copies to the Museum. As of the end of October, 2021, copies were still available for sale. 

In Grateful Acknowledgment

So many people have stepped up to help us in the past few months that it seems important to acknowledge their contributions. 

Frank Tilko and his son completed a number of small construction projects, have painted and made repairs at Trinity Church, and had worked with the Deren boys, Ricky Saffell and Hayden Shifflett whenever we needed heavy lifting. 

Available for rewiring and other repair projects has been Board member Charles Lichliter, and Tony Selby has closed up a window on the south side of Trinity Church in order to create an important new storage space. 

Hank Zimmerman set up our new computer for business and installed the Museum inventory program. He has redone our website and is working with Amy Jett, who has become our new social media person. 

Rosette and Lloyd Moss have volunteered to organize our document and photo archive in the near future. 

Throughout these months, Dianne Maggard has worked with John Gaunt and Meg Trott as we begin the long process of sorting and accessioning our many new acquisitions to the collection. 

Many of these items are the gifts of the George and Jeanette Ritenour Estate, brought to us by Jeanette’s daughter, Jolene Caspar. 


Fort Valley Museum, Inc., P.O. Box 32, Fort Valley, VA 22652

Fort Valley Museum, Inc., P.O. Box 32, Fort Valley, VA 22652